If you are already using DrChrono reminders, good news! Holly can be a great complement to maximize your patient attendance.

Here’s how to make sure your EHR reminders and Holly are working together in the right way:

  1. Check/Set up your Drchrono reminders: For more information, you can check Drchrono's support page.

IMPORTANT: Know that Holly (by default, see #2 to change this) sends a reminder 1 day before your patient's appointment. So you should choose options that complement that (i.e. morning of text.. three days before email… etc.)

 Holly DOES NOT disable any reminders you currently have into your current DrChrono configuration. You will have to do that manually.


2. If you want to change how many days prior to the appointment Holly reaches out to each patient to seek confirmation:  Go to your Preferences page and click on "Confirmation Lead Time". Select your preferred number of days.

Now you can use Holly for a complement for your reminders!! You won't forget to confirm an appointment.

For more questions and information, please contact support@nimblr.ai we will be happy to help you.