We know how important is for you to have your data and your business results. Reading the new dashboard is very simple - follow the next tutorial to find out how!

1. Dashboard Basics

The dashboard has multiple functions you’ll be able to see things such as:

A. Appointments used / Available in your plan

B. The percentage of the plan being used.

C. Your billing cycle (30 days period)

D. What type and how many paying plans do you have.

E. Minutes your office has saved during the billing cycle.

2. Filter results by functionality/workflow

In the second section called “Filters“, you’ll be able to filter by workflow, like outreach, self-scheduling, web-scheduling, and more…

Just click on the workflow button and then select the desired workflow metrics you want to see.

PS: You can also see the above results by a date rate (week, month, and year)

If you have any questions regarding your dashboard, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@nimblr.ai we’ll be happy to help.