In this section, you will the most Frequently Asked Questions, with the respective answer.

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Introduction to FAQs: What is Holly?

Holly is a personalized virtual assistant based on artificial intelligence, her main purpose is to help you, she is an extra pair of hands willing to organize your appointments 24/7, she works with 3 main features:

  1. Schedule the appointment (Self-scheduling)

  2. Confirms the appointment

  3. Recovers patients (No shows).

The features mentioned, can be done with a simple text! Who would’ve known? Studies show that nowadays patients are more inclined to make appointments via their phone and by social networks and of course keeping in mind those necessities we came up with Holly.

The process is quite simple and it won’t take you a lot of your time, for example:

  • Case 1: If your patient wants to make an appointment instead of calling the office, now they can text and request an appointment, Holly will find the best space for them and you with the provided schedule your practice/office offers.

  • Case 2: If necessary the patient needs to reschedule the appointment, don’t worry Holly will also find the best available spot, and continue the process of confirming the appointment until the patient shows up.

  • Case 3: Your patient confirmed the appointment but didn't show up, don’t worry when you indicate in your calendar that the patient didn’t show Holly will immediately contact him, asking him to reschedule the appointment.

Holly Canceled my appointment!

It’s SUPER IMPORTANT to tell you that Holly doesn’t have the permissions to cancel appointments, she is only capable to read your calendar. If you happen to get a text from a patient saying “Someone canceled my appointment“ what happened is…

You created the appointment and deleted it, then created it AGAIN.

What to do?

  1. When you create the appointment, verify that all the information you are writing is correct.

  2. If you ever need to edit the appointment, DON’T, I repeat DO NOT delete it, just edit it.

  3. If you want to double confirm, no bumped message will be sent, delete the phone number do the changes you need to do, and write the phone number again.

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