Holly's Preferences page lets you set the behaviors that work best for your practice. You have the option to set four main types of preferences:

Time Management

  • Confirmation lead time: Set how many days prior to the appointment Holly should contact the patient to ask for confirmation. 

  • Holly's working days and hours: Select the days and hours when Holly will be working and sending messages to your patients.

  • Scheduling days and hours: If you have selected “Automated” as your Type of Rescheduling, you must tell Holly the days and hours in which your services are available to patients (your business hours). You can set different available hours per day (gray slots are unavailable).

 Event Management

  • Overlapping appointments: Some healthcare professionals can book more than one patient per hour (i.e. dentists); use this preference to set the maximum number of times the same slot can be offered to different patients.


  • Send cancellation message: Holly will send an informative SMS to the patient when you bump an appointment, just to let them know that you had to cancel.

  • Reschedule bumped events: When you bump an appointment, instead of just notifying the patient, Holly asks them to schedule a new appointment and offers the available slots in your calendar.

  • Second try: When a patient does not answer, Holly makes a second attempt to confirm response. Decide how long you want to wait to send the retry message ; we recommend waiting at least three hours between messages.

  • No-show follow-up: Despite all the efforts, your patient was a no-show. We can still help! Now you can automate the follow-up of no-shows to get them to schedule a new appointment. The No-show follow-up delay preference lets you define how long after the no-show Holly must wait to contact the patient and offer them a new appointment.

Templates & Language

  • Default Language: Holly can engage with your patients in English or Spanish, set your preference here.

For more questions and information, please contact support@nimblr.ai