Do you want your customers to find you via Google Maps and be able to schedule an appointment directly? IT’S POSSIBLE! Follow the next steps and MAGIC!

Before we start, make sure you are registered in Google Maps

  1. In order for you to be registered in google maps, is necessary to have your business in Google My Business. You can choose your industry, type of establishment, schedule, etc. Here is a quick Google guide that can help you with this process.

  2. Once you finish your process your account will change the status to verified.

Share your new link in your Google Maps

  1. Click on the location you want to add your Self Scheduling link

  2. You will have a menu on your left, click on the third option called: “Information”

  3. Scroll down until you find the “Appointment Links“ field (located under website) and click on the little pencil to edit.

  4. Paste your self-scheduling URL and apply changes. Google might take 12-24 hours to make the change but after that - you will be all set!

Now your customers can book directly from google maps and increase your customer volume. AMAZING, right?!

For more questions and information, please contact we will be happy to help you🙂