If you notice any of the following error messages when entering your Nimblr account, follow these steps to solve the problem:

Calendar Time Zone(s) Discrepancy

What's the issue?

The calendar(s) in the provider has different time zones that the ones in Nimblr. If this is not intentional, you should make sure that they line up. 

How to fix it 

  • Go to Nimblr > Account.

  • Scroll down to Connected Calendar(s).

  • Look for the calendar with the Time Zones Differ warning and see the assigned time zone. 

  • Go to your calendar provider (Google, Outlook) and check the configured time zone.

  • Decide which is correct and make the change to homologate the time zones.

  • The change can be done directly on your calendar or Nimblr account, depending on the time zone you wish to keep.

NOTE: If the time zone discrepancy is intentional and you decide to maintain it (for example, if you are abroad) just keep in mind that messages to your patients will arrive with the time zone configured in Nimblr.

Calendar "Not found"

What's the issue?

The calendar associated with the Nimblr account no longer exists, so Holly can no longer manage appointments on behalf of the user.

How to fix it 

  • Log in to your calendar provider account and create a new calendar.

  • Log in to Nimblr and go to the Account page.

  • Scroll down to the Connected Calendar(s) section.

  • Identify the calendar you want to use with Holly and click on the Enabled column.

  • You can now use Holly to manage appointments in the new calendar.

NO API server

What's the issue?

API server cannot be reached. Please validate that it is operational and that it can be reached from your setup.

How to fix it 

  • Wait a few minutes to see if the service is automatically restored.

  • If not, communicate via chat or email with our Customer Success team (support@nimblr.ai)


For more questions and information, please contact support@nimblr.ai we will be happy to help you. 🙂