Step 1.Set your working hours

  1. Login into your Nimblr account with the email you registered with Holly 

  2. Go to the Preferences tab (in the top blue bar)

  3. In the Time Management section, go to the Scheduling Hours section and set your open hours up.  *Note: Select your complete schedule, i.e. if you close at 7 pm, Holly will make the math and make sure your last appointment finishes before 7 pm.

Step 2. Turn on your calendars (if you only have one calendar please skip this )

  1. Go to the Account tab (in the top blue bar) → Connected Calendars

  2. Enable the calendars you want Holly to work with.

 Step 3. Insert appts in your Google Calendar

  1. Go to your Google Calendar and pick a time/date for your patient’s appointment.

  2. In the Event Title, insert the Name + space + cell phone number. *Holly will let you know the appt status with emojis (Check out the Icons Guide)

Step 4. Bring your no-show patients back

  1. Go to the appointment you want to mark as a no-show and click on the edit option (pencil icon)

  2. On the right section, pass the mouse over the name of the patient/customer, when an icon of the person appears filled with the black color, click on it so it turns white.

  3. Save the appointment and Holly will bring your no-show back.

Step 5. Notify your patients whenever you need to cancel an appointment

  1. Go to the appointment you want Holly to notify it had to be canceled and delete it.